The Art Piece & The Proposal

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I’ve been keeping a big big secret 😜🥰 on Valentine’s Day we had an art piece showing in the @scottyoungstudio @alwaysforeveryoursloveletters popup; our piece came from a conversation with Scott and Laura about when i met laura. He was drawn to the quote and blurted out “ it’s a sign I’m making that into a sign”. We decided that because the basis of his show was to post love letters we would bring ours and put them on our piece. Essentially this art piece is a 2 year journey of our love, it’s our story, for the world to see, extremely vulnerable and raw. I felt like this was the moment and even though we had a big show in Houston, another show in Denver, and my birthday i had to make it work. We were down to the wire but we made it happen. It was like a “live installation” adding the letters to the piece during the event, we took a step back to look at our work and i told laura i forgot one more letter in my purse, i handed it to her heart pounding, she opened it, was confused, blurted out “what” and i bent down on one knee and ask her to marry me......Thank you to @jfierberg for being the master photographer of the evening

. #StraightTilliMetYou @straighttillimetyou

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