straight till I met you

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Chapter 1 - A love story between muse and artist

How did we meet? is a question we get often; in short she just ended casually dating someone I knew and I was casually dating a dude. Through a series of events we both broke up with those people and found ourselves immediately drawn to one another. I pushed it away for as long as I could but the universe had already written us in the stars, you can’t push fate away.

January - our first date started with her sending a car to pick me up from my house to take me to the hotel bar. I was a little early, she likes to joke a lot early, so I was at the bar first, I ordered her signature drink Balvenie - one cube of ice, she came down to the bar hair wet from a shower, with her sidekick Walt a schnauzer she rescued during the Harvey storm of Houston. I wanted to be honest because I knew she liked me from afar for a minute. I told her I wasn’t who she probably thought I was, I didn’t believe in monogamy or marriage, I had a small family my twins, my mom, my dad died my senior year of high school and my older half-siblings were spread throughout the states. She has a large family and wanted to see it grow, I didn’t want to disappoint her so I thought I was being honest, little did I know that would eventually all change for me after our first date. We went to this little restaurant in downtown Houston called Potente we were both nervous, so I put my hand on her knee and we took a breath, laughed at ourselves and relaxed, the date ended the next morning.

She flew to Aspen to visit her best friend; we started to talk daily, I remember her trying to convince me the snow and Colorado was where it was at. I remember telling her the idea of a vacation is fewer clothes not more, little did I know how much that would also change a year later.

She flew back to Houston and we had our second date at a different hotel bar, the date ended the next morning, I knew I could fall in love with her when she made me coffee and we were gazing at the sunrise together, the moment felt out of body yet peaceful.

Third date my mom and I went to an art show, she drove and dropped me off at a local bar down the street to meet up Laura, I didn’t tell my mom yet, I was still figuring things out for myself, after all, I was shocked I could feel these feelings for another person let alone someone of the same sex. This bar is a hidden bar, it's dark, quiet, lovers sit in booths with closed curtains, it was our little hideaway from the world to be alone. Laura asked what we were doing, I was like well damn Laura I guess I’m in love with you. She laughed and said it back to me, we held each other and dreamed of what that could even mean.

Fourth date i went to a restaurant opening for work, she picked me up and we drove to her family friends birthday at another nearby restaurant. On the way home that night she thought i was not into it, dreaming into the distance about someone else, little did she know in that moment i was thinking about our future together, i turned to her and told her i could see myself marrying her, she laughed, we laughed, we kissed.

After the 4th date, well you could say the rest is just history.

The twins saw me on the phone at night often and demanded to know who i was talking about. We had just started talking and i was going to wait till i was 100 certain she was who she made herself out to be but the girls demanded to know.

I told my sister, then my mom and their dad, i knew it would be spread after they knew so i had to just tell close family. The conversation was relatively easy for one twin and harder for the other, she doesn’t like lies and was concerned i lied to her about my preference i told her as far as i knew i was mostly straight till i met Laura and i really connected with her, hearing she wasn’t lied to eased her mind.

My birthday was February 9th, Laura and i just started dating but the inner party planner “center of a good time” person she is took It upon herself to put this whole birthday party together for me at a bar i would go to lot. It was a rebel themed birthday / my coming out party. It was so much fun and i really appreciated all the acceptance we got that night.

A week later valentines day 2018 the girls were going to spend the night at a school friends house Laura and i were going to our Go-to bar but when i went to take the girls they felt uncomfortable i gave them kudos for being honest even thought it felt weird to arrive then leave. Laura didn’t think twice about us changing plans and ordered a heart shaped pizza which the girls loved and came over to watch a movie, this day has been known as their friend-anniversary. Mila asked her if she wanted to spend the night that night, we were both shocked and honestly didn’t expect that at all.

April’s we took our first road trip together to the country.

May Laura gets a job offer in Denver, girls end school and invite Laura to move in

June - Laura moves to Denver

July -twins birthday

November thanksgiving was tough for the sake of family and this being public we will save that story for another time, but we grew closer and started to be more mindful of the people in our space

December we fly to Denver a day after Christmas and lauras surprises the twins with a stretch limos to take us to the airport

January we celebrate the New Years in Denver.

more coming soon ..... I gotta propose!

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